1. There is a mandatory 24 hour cancellation policy on all scheduled lessons and cages. When an appointment is missed or cancelled late, full payment will be charged to the customer. When booking lessons we will need your name, a valid credit card number (MasterCard or Visa only), expiration date, zip code, and phone number.

  2. Clients will not be subject to the 24 hour policy in the case of a major family crisis, or if Baseball Unlimited Inc. receives a phone call within the 24 hours and the original appointment slot is filled by a new client. In this instance, Baseball Unlimited Inc. will provide the original client with a phone call.

  3. No lesson and/or cage may be booked without a valid MasterCard or a Visa Card number to reserve the time slot.

  4. When a lesson or cage time is missed there is no guarantee that it can be rescheduled for later that same day . The lesson can only be rescheduled for later that day if approved by the instructor and permitting the lesson fits into both the instructor and client's schedule.

  5. If a client is running late for a cage or lesson, lenience may be given if the client is 5 minutes late or less. If you are over 5 minutes late you may not get the whole time due to heavy usage throughout the day.

  6. Baseball Unlimited Inc. can be faxed, emailed, or left a detailed phone message with our staff member or voicemail if you need to cancel or schedule lessons or cages.

  7. Clients must book lessons and/or cages in advance with a phone call or in house.

  8. Baseball Unlimited Inc. will prorate membership enrollment if asked. We will only prorate ONE lesson towards your membership rate.

  9. If you book a cage or lesson for someone other than a member of your family, whomever booked the cage or lesson will be held accountable and responsible for payment.

-- Before coming to Baseball Unlimited please download and sign this waiver. --